And so it begins…

With a Rock/Metal background infused with Synth wave, Folk and Symphonies all inner joined to output what this music is about. Creating a tidal wave of retro style with different world instruments fused to produce a different and original sound, makes it to add a pleasant and imaginative auditory sensation for the listener. Every song is different from the next but every song contains a marking that let’s you know who created this euphony. Sit back, relax and let your imagination run wild.


ELunacy – Embrace The Darkness (LIVE Clip)

Become the “Monstruo”

“The Right Red Gaze”

The Right Red Gaze

This album brings more power to the name! With new music videos and a more versatile composition, it gets your veins pumping for more! This is the first of a two part album!

  1. Cyborg Vikings in Space!
  2. Bit of a Story
  3. Rage
  4. Ritual
  5. Overture to the Eye / Like it, Frustrated, It Scares me
  6. Embrace the Darkness
  7. Horns and Spikes
  8. The Right Red Gaze
  9. Cadence of the World

Released Date: May 5, 2020

ELunacy – Horns and Spikes (Official Music Video)

ELunacy – Cyborg Vikings in Space! (Official Music Video)

ELunacy – RAGE (Official Music Video)

“The Left Green Gaze”

The Left Green Gaze

  1. Virtual Wings
  2. Calidity
  3. Under the Blossom / Love & Vengeance
  4. In Momentum
  5. A Virtue
  6. Innerside
  7. Focus Unfocused
  8. The Left Green Gaze
  9. Liberado

Second part of the “Gaze” albums! Blending the World into an audio resonance that’ll shift you into a different level of mind!

“Root Folder”

  1. Bit Attack
  2. ERROR
  3. CYB3R 1
  4. Pulling a Hat Trick
  5. Odorimashou
  6. Voltaic Fire
  7. The Never Dream
  8. Dancing Bones
  9. Perfect Bliss
  10. Focus Descend
  11. Honoris Meiyo HeiĆ°ur

A Retro Synth wave with folk and symphonic elements that brings you to the past and future at the same time! From an 8-Bit intro to a Synth world that brings emotion to the end with a 3 part Symphonic battle! 

“What We Are Together” – Warframe Cover Songs.